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Why I pray for women naked, shave their pubic hair – Ondo Pastor

Pastor Matthew Olakunle of the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Itura in Iju town, Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State, has said that he prays for women naked because God answers prayers faster without the clothes on.

He said this while admitting to the allegation of praying for the women in the church naked.

A 32-year-old woman, Omotola Akerele had accused the pastor while featuring in a programme on Adaba FM Akure, the Ondo State, of sleeping with her and getting her pregnant during a spiritual cleansing.

She said it was her mother, a member of the church, that introduced her to the pastor when she was battling with a severe cough.

Omotola, who hails from the town narrated that as a result of the sex she had with the pastor, she got pregnant and later aborted the pregnancy without the consent of her husband.

She told the radio station,
“I had a severe cough and my mother took me to Pastor Olakunle Mathew for prayer in Iju. After praying for me he said I needed a shaving stick and a handkerchief to perform the spiritual exercise which I took to him.

“The pastor told me that if he wanted to use my hair to perform some spiritual work that would solve my spiritual problem. On the night of that first day we got there, he asked me to put off my clothes in the presence of my mother to pray for me in the mission house.
“Since that day, he has been asking me to come for deliverance and when I got there he would ask me to remove my clothes and lie on the bed. He would lie on me naked and be praying for me.
“On the seventh day, he shaved the hair of my private part and my armpit hair and put the hair in the white handkerchief. After that, we had sexual intercourse and after the intercourse, he asked me to go and bury the hair in the handkerchief.”

Omotola added that she aborted the pregnancy but her husband later got to know about it and sent her out of the house.

However, the pastor explained that Omotola’s case was a spiritual attack and she agreed to undergo the spiritual exercise performed on her in the church.

Olakunle, who said he had been transferred by the C.A.C to another church in Ilorin, Kwara State, however, denied having sexual intercourse with Omotola.

He also denied impregnating her but he confessed to having had sexual relationship with Omotola’s younger sister twice and had prayed for their mother too while being naked.

He said, “On the third day of the spiritual programme, I shaved the hair on her private part and I touched it (her private part) with my penis and I told her to be using my penis to rob the entrance of her private part so that she would discharge.
“After that, I wiped the discharge of her private part with the white handkerchief and I prayed for her using psalm 24.
“After the exercise, I asked her to go and bury the handkerchief in the bush. I asked her to call her husband to do it for her but she refused, that was why I did it for her but I didn’t have sex with her.”

Daily Post 

Why i dumped my banking job for blogging - Blogger, Laila Ijeoma reveals

Blogger Laila Ijeoma has revealed why she dumped her banking job for blogging. The wife and mother revealed that she abandoned her 8 to 5 job in the bank for her passion (Blogging) because it is more lucrative!

Read her interview with Vanguard below...
In the Nigerian blogosphere, Laila Ijeoma commands a lot of respect, not just because she owns Lailasblog; an entertainment website that reports trending Nigerian news read by millions monthly.
On June 30, 2016, Laila took a bold step of abandoning her over N5million per annum bank job to become a full time entertainment blogger; risking everything to take a gamble on her passion.
She traded her lucrative job to pursue what was still at that time, just a hobby she was passionate about, but today, the decision has become one of her best turning points.
In a chat with Vanguard Saturday Woman, she says she has no regrets a year after taking this huge leap of faith as she now has all the time to focus on her family and continue to grow her blog even bigger.
Why did you dump your bank job for fulltime blogging? 
I started blogging as a joke in 2012; I wasn’t looking for money because I was already gainfully employed at that time. All I wanted was an outlet to share my life with Nigerians, inspire them with my stories. So I started a Facebook group called, ‘True love for my man’- that should be around 2010. That was the first social media account I used to gather people together and we chatted about love and heartbreak.
My big dream had always been to have a top Nigerian talk show, so I later started a show on radio. I eventually had to put it on hold because it was so demanding. Being married, a mum to 3 boys, working at the bank, there was a lot to do in just 24 hours every day and the whole schedule nearly ‘killed’ me, so I had to drop the radio show.
Along the line, I discovered blogging through a colleague at the bank where I worked; he owned a blog, after he introduced me to it that fateful day, I got hooked. I realized I could reach out to people through it with much less stress compared to a radio show. I told him I would love to have mine and he helped me set it up. I didn’t even take it serious then.
But as I kept on sharing stories, and I read comments from my audience, I knew this was what I was born to do. I have always been a science student in school, I knew nothing about blogging, and I had zero celebrity friends, zero celebrity sources for my stories but I didn’t let that stop me.
How difficult was it juggling being a banker, blogger, wife and mother of three boys? 
It was a crazy, hectic schedule! On a daily basis, I wake up 4am; go to bed sometimes 12 midnight. And the next day, I still have to go to work. No excuses. I was able to run my life like that for four years because I was purely fuelled by passion. I just love blogging, there’s this irreplaceable, beautiful joy it brings me. As with every new venture, the beginning is usually slow.
How long did it take for your traffic to skyrocket?
It took about 6 months after I made the first post on my blog for my traffic to start skyrocketing.
Did the traffic immediately translate to money for you?
No it didn’t. My traffic didn’t translate to so much money till 2014. That was the year this particular company contacted me and ran an advert with me that lasted for a full year and changed my life.
Would you say blogging is lucrative in Nigeria? 
As long as you are a passionate blogger, as long as you are in blogging because you enjoy what you are doing, as long as your blog, its concept, its contents are original, not a rip off of another blogger’s website; blogging is the best thing that can ever happen to you.
The rewards will blow your mind! It’s already an open secret that blogging can make you a billionaire. You get lots of free stuff from brands too. People just call you up. They want to advertise on your website and they are handing out their products and services to you for free so you can review them and share with your readers.
Then you have the best reward; you are recognised as a voice that can start a change. You are respected. People want to read what you have to say about a situation. Readers are so addicted to your blog that they wake up in the morning and can’t wait to read what is on Laila’s Blog today. As a blogger, you can comfortably work from home in your pyjamas.
So you prefer blogging to banking? 
I did banking for 10 years in one of the best banks in Nigeria and I enjoyed it. But I wasn’t self-fulfilled, I wanted more. Again, I was already blogging for over 3 years alongside my day job. Truth is as time went on, it became harder running my blog, bank job, family and taking care of myself efficiently.
I wanted to wake up in the morning to the joy of knowing that all I had to do for that day was write about the trending stories in Nigeria and not miss any story just because it happened while I was offline. I also wanted to spend more time with my very supportive husband and children every day.
How would you compare your income now to when you were a banker? 
It has been tremendously rewarding, spiritually, family-wise, and financially. You know with a steady day job, you don’t have to worry about getting your paycheck at the end of the month. There are days I worry- what if I don’t make money this month? That was why before I quit my bank job, I made sure I saved up my salary and had at least 6 months’ salary set aside. I actually had a full year salary saved up before I made the leap and resigned.
If you don’t plan properly, things can actually go wrong and your dreams won’t come out the way you planned them; you will fail and life will become miserable. I’m so glad I conquered my fears of what if something goes wrong and took the leap.
My friends, family, parents thought I was crazy when I first mentioned it. But after they saw I wasn’t going to quit blogging and that I had prepared for the worst; they rallied round and supported my decision to leave banking. Having them behind me made me stronger and I left.
Any regrets so far? 
None whatsoever; my income tripled. My kids wake up in the morning they see mummy. Mummy takes them to school, mum brings them back, mum tucks them into bed every night, mummy helps them with their school assignments, things I couldn’t do before.
I love what I do now and it gives me so much joy. I just miss my former colleagues once in a while.
What are the challenges you face as a blogger, especially those peculiar to the Nigerian blogosphere? 
My biggest challenge is internet network; there are times I wake up to blog and I discover my internet isn’t as fast as I need it to be. Sometimes, it’s entirely down so I can’t even blog.
Second challenge is power; a laptop is to a blogger what the Bible is to a Pastor. Laptops can only work if they are charged. Because I am online at least 18 hours daily, I spend a lot on fuel for generators.
What stands you out from other bloggers? 
You can be very sure that out of the over 50 stories you read on Laila’s blog in a day, at least 50% are our original stories. Again, we deliver stories as they are happening. You will read breaking news, trending stories first on Laila’s blog before they appear on other websites.
In your estimation, what’s the future of blogging in Nigeria in the next five years? 
With a computer today, anybody can build a global business from his/her bedroom, with a bit of creativity and sheer determination. Every day, we have over a hundred new bloggers coming online. Vlogging is now a huge thing!
Five years from now, I see more younger people doing big things, conquering boundaries, becoming millionaires through blogging in Nigeria.
I also see blogging in Nigeria becoming more professional. I am a registered member of this CAC registered bloggers’ association called The Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria.
Aside blogging, any future plans? 
I have this huge passion for taking care of orphans and vulnerable children, kids under the age of 18 years who are at high risk of lacking adequate care and protection. Right now I have 10 under my care, children my husband and I take care of. We have plans of taking that number up a notch.
Any tips for upcoming bloggers who look up to you? 
One Mr. Mohammed Mustafa Ahmedzai once said ‘The easiest job on earth is starting a blog but the toughest job is maintaining it.” And this is simply because patience matters in blogging, and most upcoming bloggers don’t have that!
Experienced bloggers will tell you that you should only start to think about making money from your blog at least after 6 months of blogging. But every day, I get emails from new bloggers with 1-2 month old blogs asking you how to apply for Adsense.
These new bloggers apply for AdSense and most times, they are rejected and you see them quit blogging. From the day anybody starts blogging till the day he/she ends her blogging career, there are lots of problems you’ll face. Solving these problems and moving ahead is not easy as it sounds! And that’s another reason upcoming bloggers quit blogging easily.
So my first tip for them will be to have patience. Without it, their eyes shall not see the billions blogging can drop in their bank accounts. If your main reason for blogging is money and you have no patience for earning it, then you’re not going to earn from blogging at all!
What’s your biggest wish in life? 
I wish to make the world a better place by saving abused and vulnerable children and making sure their oppressors get severely punished for their wickedness.
You can read more Lailasblog Last Year Interview Review - I started my blog as a prank – Lailasblog founder, Laila Obiagwu.

Lagos Commissioner warns against men sucking their wives’ breasts

Lagos State Commissioner for Information, Steve Ayorinde, ​has advised fathers ​to allow their babies ​enjoy the period of breastfeeding.

​He said this in a message to ​a Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign organised by ​the Lagos ​c​hapter of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ)​.
The commissioner, represented by Mrs Toro Oladapo, a former NAWOJ President and Director, Public Affairs, Lagos Ministry of Information, ​said fathers should stop competing for breasts with their babies.
He ​stated that ​rather, men should ​encourage the​ir wives to engage in exclusive breastfeeding which is vital during the first six months of life.
“Nothing is natural like breast milk,” he said, noting that human milk is better for babies than animal milk.
“Thank you so much for promoting the essence of womanhood​.​
“The media should help ensure mothers are breastfeeding to raise a healthy nation.
“You will all agree with me that children that are breastfed distinguish themselves academically,’’ he said.
The commissioner said that women, in the past, used breastfeeding for child-spacing and family planning, urging NAWOJ to spread the awareness.

Married man caught filming neighbors wife while bathing - Details

A 29-year-old man has been reported to filming his fellow tenant’s wife while she was having her bath. Reasons why he did that is unknown.

The man from Zimbabwe, Abraham Matenda, has been arraigned in court for shooting the video.
According to Standard, Matenda appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Court for invasion of privacy/criminal insult as defined in section 95 (1) (b) of the criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 of the country.
The police prosecutor, Nancy Makuvise, told the Peter Madiba-led court that, on the 30th July 2017, Matenda invaded the privacy of the complainant, Mapkae Asaweyi, by placing a phone under the bathroom roof and recording a video of the complainant while bathing.
Asaweyi told the court that after discovering that there was a cell phone shooting a video of her taking a bath, she took the phone to Abraham’s wife who identified the phone as her husband’s.
The complainant then showed the accused’s wife the video which she deleted after viewing.
Matenda’s wife went on to open the phone’s gallery and found it containing another video of the complainant bathing which she also deleted
In his defence, the accused denied all the charges levelled against him, arguing that on the same day in question he was not at home and he had left his phone charging.

However, the complainant told the court that she has an audio recording of the accused admitting to have recorded the complainant while bathing.

The case was adjourned to the 11th of August 2017 to allow the accused to bring his witnesses to court.

Why I Slapped My Teacher On The First Day Of School - Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, has revealed why he slapped his teacher on the first day of school. According to him, the respect he has for his biological father made him do it

Obasanjo attended the Diocese of Lagos West, Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral in Lagos, and was the special guest said that he was rejected in five different school on his first attempt to start his academic career.

Blac Chyna Makes More Money Than Rob - Source Reveals As The Pair Are Closing In On Custody Arrangement

Reality TV stars, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are reportedly coming close to agreeing on a custody arrangement for their daughter Dream.

However, it has been revealed that the former stripper 29, has a better income than Rob.

According to TMZ on Thursday, neither Chyna or Rob, 30, has requested child support but Rob would however be the one who needs it mainly because he takes care of eight-month-old Dream more often then she does.

Man / Husband' s Open Letter To Wife Goes / Went Viral

This letter is for those women who need they need to change themselves to make someone love them....

Seven Nigerians Make List Of Top 20 World Richest Pastors (Full List)

​Seven Nigerian pastors have made it to the list of top 20 richest pastors in the world and their estimated net worth in the latest release by Forbes.

The list, which is a collection of men of God all over the world, sees the founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Brazil, Pastor Edir Macedo in number one.

General Overseer of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo tops the lists of Nigeria pastors in the fifth position in the world ranking, while Pastor Enoch Adeboye occupies the sixth position.

See full list of top 20…

1. Edir Macedo is a Brazilian pastor and preacher worth $1.1 billion. Macedo is the founder of Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. He is also the founder of Grupo Record and Record News. Macedo is the richest pastor in the world.

2. Kenneth Copeland is the founder and owner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. His church is located on a 1,500 acre campus and the property has loads of structures. He has a net worth of $760 million.

3. Pat Robertson’s net worth is $500 million. Pat Robertson is an executive chairman, media tycoon, and a Southern Baptist minister. Robertson has amassed this wealth from setting up many corporations and organizations, and a University too.

The International Family Entertainment Inc. (ABC Family Channel), the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ, the Christian Coalition, Regent University, Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation, a Boeing 757 Flying Hospital, and CBN Asia were founded by Pat Robertson.

4. George Foreman is a former professional boxer who is worth $250 million. He is a preacher at the The Church of Lord Jesus Christ in Houston. Recently, he released a book entitled God in My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir.

5. Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian preacher. He is the founder of Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota; Living Faith Church Worldwide A.K.A Winners Chapel International World Headquarter. Oyedepo has two universities – Landmark and Convenant University. He is worth $150 million. He is the richest pastor in Nigeria and Africa.

6. Pastor E.A Adeboye is General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is worth $130 million. He has exotic lifestyle like many other rich Nigerian pastors. His net worth is $130 million

7. Bishop Ayodele Oritsejafor is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria. He is also worth $120 million he has investment in banking, real estate, transportation and also media.

8. Prophet Uebert Angel is the founder of the Spirit Embassy Church. He is very popular and associates with both the less privilege and widows in his country. He is rumored to be worth $60 million.

9. Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of Christ Embassy and his church boast of up to 40,000 membership. He is worth up to $50 million. Many of his church members are politicians and entrepreneurs.

10. Benny Hinn runs a program tiled Miracle Crusade and the programs are usually held in big stadiums. He is worth up to $42 million.

11. Joel Osteen is a pastor, televangelist and has also written a number of Christian books. The name of his church is Lakewood church Houston Texas. His net worth is $40 million.

12. Pastor Tshifinwa Irene is Divine Truth World Restoration Services for World peace by Jesus Christ. She is a televangelist and her church is situated in Venda.

13. Creflo Dollar is a pastor and a teacher of the Word of God. Name of his church is World Changers Church International. He is a popular pastor in the United States and he is worth up to $27 million.

14. Pastor Ray Macaulay is based in South Africa. The name of his church is Rhema Bible Church. He received his training in 1979 and he started his church afterwards with his family.

15. Billy Graham is a very popular televangelist and preaches on many radio and television stations. His net worth is $25 million.

16. Rick Warren is the founder of Saddleback Church Lake Forest California. He is worth $25 million.

17. Bishop T.D. Jakes is worth $18 million. He produces movie and he is a preacher and a writer. His house costs up to $1,700,000.

19. Prophet T.B. Joshua is among the most controversial pastors in Nigeria and he is a philanthropist. The name of his church is Synagogue Church of All Nations. He is worth up to $15 million.

20. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the founder of Kingsway International Christian Center located in the United Kingdom. He is worth over $10 million.

20. Juanita Bynum is an American televangelist, author, singer and actress. She is worth $10 million.

20. Chris Okotie was a pop star before switching to preaching as a pastor. His hit song ‘Show Me Your Backside’ was popular in the 80s. The name of his church is Household of God Church. He is worth $10 million.

VIDEO: See what skin bleaching has done to Toke Makinwa!

Media personality, Toke Makinwa shared video of her and her pet dog playing around but we saw something scary???

Hit play below...

In the video below, the divorcee is seen playing with her dogs and her veins are all green! Comments under the video are savage as usual, with Nigerians claiming it's the negative effect of bleaching!
Some of the comments below...

  • makky_boogieIs that toke's hand?...jesu
  • beebhiolarlol
  • beebhiolar@ony.egolum @tosynosha@gozie.a see Toke hand, bleaching is bad
  • zeun_zeun_Can't wait for 2030 for y'all bleaching ass smh.
  • msphunmie@omokanyinsola.o what that Kent be tokstar see vein, the quest to be lieskin ehen
  • nk_sonia_Smoking is not enough,then you bleach..calms o it's side effect are not cool
  • tolusucreSee green veins🌚🙄dey wont stop bleaching
  • dammiee_d@helenwhite_ ....can you see the veins?
  • divyluvAnd instablog is ironically reporting Toke's veins...we yaff noticed!!
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  • juleahjulesI seen green veins. The skin is basically transparent
  • juleahjules@divyluv I dey tell you! 😀
  • amakaikeActually thought that was the dogs body
  • akusinachi_nke_iziziOmg!😮😮😮 her green veins no dey for God she better stop doing bleaching
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  • preschusHow can that be her hand, Really that's very low
  • boss_iduzeHands looking like a when you took too Viagra pills and havent bust a nut in 3hours
  • fweshboyvno7WTF are those???

Lagos police uncovers Badoo shrine in Ikorodu! (Video)

The Lagos state police command has uncovered a shrine used by members of the Badoo secret cult in Ikorodu. The force public relations officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole shared the video online this afternoon.

Hit play below...

A post shared by Lagos State Police Command (@policenglagos) on 

Again??? President Mugabe dozes off as wife chastises his spokesperson(Photo)

As President Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace dragged presidential spokesperson George Charamba before a stunned Zanu PF crowd and a television audience Saturday, her husband , missed it because he was dozing off.

Grace was shouting the information ministry permanent secretary down for allegedly influencing the State media to ignore her philanthropic work while reserving good coverage for others.

Charamba has previously said President Mugabe's apparent sleepy postures would in fact be an attempt by his boss to avoid direct light onto his tired eyes.

But Saturday was one of the chilliest days of the current winter period with neither sunlight nor artificial light at the time to pin the blame on.

New Zimbabwe

“My daughter advised me to marry Funke Akindele” — JJC Skillz

Husband to Popular Nollywood Actress, Abdulrasheed Bello also Known as JJC skillz has revealed in an interview that his daughter advised him to marry Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele.
In an interview with PLAYGROUND, JJC also talked about how his children from other women accepted the actress.
“Well, before we got married in London, we all had a good relationship here in Nigeria. The kids were always seeing this beautiful woman around daddy, and she always makes him happy. They might be away and in different continents, but they are part of our daily activities.
She is also very close to them, they met her digital first. They didn’t know she is an actress then, because in the UK, they hardly watch Nigerian movies, but they love her so much. They all love each other. It’s a perfect blend.
I remember my daughter telling me, ‘Dad make sure you marry her. She’s a keeper”. And I did, I followed my daughter’s advice. One of my songs, Save The Last Dance’ was written for my wife, she really saved the last dance for me.”

Yoruba Veteran Actor, Adebayo Falet’s Burial Date & Real Age Revealed (See Date & Age)

The family of late Chief Adebayo Faleti has rejected his published age of 86.
His son, Gbemi Faleti told Best of Nollywood award organizer Seun Oloketuyi yesterday that the late icon is well over 90.
Gbemi said Pa Faleti should be between 92 and 95.
The legendary Yoruba actor who passed away on Sunday the 23rd of July 2017 will be laid to rest on the 8th of September 2017 in Ibadan.

End Time Tailors - What You See Isnt What You Get!

What you see and Order for is NOT what you see what the post arrives.....

Photos from google search

Read N-Power: Vital Information for N-Agro applicants

As posted on their official Facebook page below...

Now for those who applied for N-Agro, the process is slightly different.
If your BVN records match your application, when you log in, it will state the time you can log in to write your assessment test.
Please see image below.