Breaking News: Ebola Is Back, 3 Reportedly Dead Already


There is an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of
Congo, the World Health Organization announced Friday.
The epidemic, which is currently small, is in Bas-Uele
province, near the northern border with the Central African
Republic. To date there have been nine suspected cases,
three of whom have died. The first case dates back to April
Dr. Oly Ilunga Kalenga, the minister of public health,
informed the WHO of the outbreak. Testing of samples from
five of the sick was conducted at the country’s National
Biomedical Research Institute.
The outbreak is caused by the Zaire species of the virus —
the same strain that was responsible for the massive West
African outbreak in 2014-15. In some respects, that is good
news. A
vaccine to protect against the Zaire virus was tested and
found to be effective in the West African outbreak and
supplies of it have been stockpiled.
The first teams of epidemiologists, social mobilization, and
risk communication experts as well as specialists in hygiene
and sanitation are expected to reach the outbreak setting
by Saturday, the WHO statement said.
The Democratic Republic of Congo has experience
containing Ebola outbreaks. The first known outbreak of the
deadly disease occurred there in 1976, in Yamuku. A total
of 318 cases were recorded in that outbreak, including 280
The country has fought seven outbreaks before the current
one; the most recent was between August and November
of 2014, and involved 66 cases.
In the early days of the world’s experience with Ebola,
outbreaks in DRC numbered in the hundreds of cases —
which was large at the time. But the three outbreaks in DRC
in the past decade involved fewer than 100 cases each.
The largest known outbreak of Ebola was the 2014-2015
West African epidemic. More than 28,600 people were
infected and more than 11,300 died.

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