BoomNG Saturday StarGist: Exclusive with Kasmo

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Kasmo is definitely one artist that has kept the fire burning when it comes to entertaining his fans with mind-blowing Jams. 

His recent release is "Koko" that is currently getting appraisals and approvals. 

Nuel of BoomNG got to meet with Kasmo and had an exclusive session with him, See Excerpts below. 

Nuel: who is Kasmo?

Kasmo: Kasmo is the name of an artist ...real name kasim stage name Kasmo.

Nuel: Kasmo why did you choose music and the genre you now sing in?

 Kasmo: Music has been my day one stuff it has been my highest means of inspiration... actually i don't have a specific genre, i can touch other parts as good as i do dance Hall

Nuel: So Kasmo generally is a master of all arts?

Kasmo: You can take as... Kasmo is just extraordinarily good in all arts thats why i am multi talented

Nuel: Who is your number one model as regards top celebrities?

Kasmo: Timaya

Nuel: Woah... But you sound exactly like 9ice?  Don't you think people would expect him to be your role model

 Kasmo: Much Respect to 9ice but the fact that i sound much like him doesn't mean i admire his type of music but trust me 9ice is a good artist and he does good music.

Nuel: What brought about the inspiration for Koko??

 Kasmo: After the dropping of AmoH i was silent in the industry... so I decided to give out a new sound so I decide to give out the "Koko" which means the main sound aka KoKo thats why i named it Koko.

Nuel: Thats cool..... So what next?  What plans have you got?

Kasmo: Some good plans tho, Koko video,  a Jam with Ijaya which we are currently working on then two singles before the end of the year?

 Nuel: Who do you consider the best artist here in Minna?

Kasmo: Definitely ijaya

Nuel: Well.... It's been nice having you on BoomNG Saturday StarGist..... Do you mind giving us a freestyle ??

Kasmo: My pleasure... Les say d freestyle has been freed 4 my style is a free one.

Nuel: Wonderful... Thanks once more Kasmo

Kasmo: Bless up

Nuel: You can gollow Kasmo on IG via @iam_Kasmo

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